Pure Red (2021)

The color red is the subject of this collection. Being such a powerful color, he emotions associated with it, they too are intense; rage, love, seduction, pain, courage, strength, and power itself. The series is a combination of both animations and paintings.

The artworks are releases as NFTs, collect here.


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A reminder to breathe when emotions get too intense


The emotional focus of this piece is passion. Passion means many things in different contexts, but the constant is that the emotions and ideals associated with it are of the extreme. A perfect example would be romance.


Red is a seductress’s favorite color, it’s sensual & inviting. To compliment the theme as well as the sensual quality of the muse, one bird came to mind; The Secretary Bird. It’s one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen, it’s long feathery eyelashes invite you to fall in love with it more