This series seeks to explore the story of femininity in line with nature. These artworks were created using gouache on paper.


Adun enjoys visiting Leota who lives in the woods where 9ft tall hibiscus grow alongside the bamboo. “She’s a bundle of color, joy and warmth.” as Leota the Peace keeper puts it. If you’re lucky you just might see a blur of pink racing by your window!


There’s something about the orange leaves of the banana trees that has Mira occasionally playing amongst them. Her hair bounces with delight each time she peeps through, and in addition, she waves a hearty hello to whomever passes by!


Heard of Bubbles? Well, here’s Bubblegum! In contrast to her ever colorful sister, Bubblegum enjoys spending time turning everything around her blue! Just like Bubbles distributes candy, bubblegum distributes cotton candy, and I’m sure you can take a wild guess what color it is! *wink*


You Are My Burst of Sunshine. Even on a cloudy day. You come forth with your heat, strong enough to send the rain packing these days. The feel of you across my skin makes joy and warmth well up inside. Maybe like Icarus, I could come close to you. And thereafter, I hope you spread my ashes across the sea


Martha is a lady with a green thumb. Her garden is one of the prettiest in town! She’s the lady with the freshest vegetables too! If I had a garden, I hope to tend to it like she does! 


Closing my eyes to the teal sky above me. I looked on ahead to the green leaves before me. I refuse to look back at the grays and browns approaching from behind. On the path of growth, health & fulfillment and by choice, I choose to stay. I choose to see what lies ahead On this note I’ll leave these words hanging in the air, My vision, is green

Mini-Paintings 2020

Jkai Plant Mom

Remember the Jkai florist? Here’s her daughter. As each day passes, she sits by the numerous flower pots at her mom’s watching them grow. Everyone can testify to the one of a kind glow that rests on her face each time a plant says ‘hello!’ From the earth!

The New Dress

The sound of the protective covering upon the gem that lay below gets torn apart. Inhaling the sweet perfume of something new, stars twinkle in the eyes and the lips form a curve. “It’s perfect! I love it!” She screamed as she hugged the dress close. Donning it, she looked every bit of the Jkai princess I sought to capture


She’s one of the nicest. All the kids love her. Every morning, she stands by her door way with a basket full of sweets, all to be distributed to the young ones. I once asked her why she did so, with a smile she answered , “It’s where I find my peace!”

A Onetime Dance

There’s a festival held everyday of the week. As the sound of joyous celebration is carried by the wind to where I lay, I remembered the hypnotizing movements of dancers with the ghost of a smile on their lips as they swayed to the rhythm from yesterday.