Jkai Girls – Adventure

The Jkai girls were born from the artist’s need to escape from reality.

The girls are imaginary characters who are always happy, each one of them is on a path to find what true peace means to them. Each character has a short backstory.

They all belong to a functioning eco- system of women where nature abounds. They are rendered in both digital and traditional mediums.

Aria’s Peace (2022)

Aria is a vision in red, what’s more? Her voice! Her melodies are carried by the wind across the lands!

With each twirl, her beads jiggle, her dress twirling and mesmerising makes you pause in your step. With each note she becomes one with the universe!

I heard Aria is performing soon, would you come along?


ARA (2021)

Ara is popular for resting by the valleys of peaceful waters. She wraps the valleys and plains in the warmth of her embrace, once the sun hits the golden hour, one can see the rush of green overtaking the hills with just a touch of her clothing. When asked why she rests by the valleys, she said, “It’s so I can feel the pulse of the earth better, the sweet music of nature’s song.” With a smile on her lips, the cheerful teets of nature’s brid passing, and the sway of her hair due to the gentle breeze, Ara looked even more like a wonder!

IGE (2021)

Meet Ige, she’s well known as “The girl in the mountains“. She patiently sits by the mountain side alongside Mina and Joie, the giants at the plains of Serenity. As Mina recounts stories and tales from faraway lands, Ige nods each time with enthusiasm. As a result, hundreds petals slowly cascade to the grass below. Oh what a beautiful thing to see!

SHEILA (2020)

Here’s Sheila! One has to go to great lengths to find her, she’s always on the move, discovering and exploring new cloud zones up at the various serendipity spots around town! Today, she found a rare cloud zone which made her smile even wider than it was before!