Girls X Clouds (2022)

Clouds seem ephemeral but yet the symbols they represent show forth in our everyday lives. Clouds can be happy & cheerful, or sad & heavy with tears. Sometimes they do not want to be on the blue stage. Girls X Clouds tells the tales of women and the ever present clouds in their lives as well as their interactions with these clouds!

The artworks are available as NFTs, to collect click here.


Esther is the boss of her own clouds, she’s got the ability to turn dark, stormy clouds into cute little white puffs. 

Esther enjoys watching the clouds roll by lazily, she says it makes her feel at peace : )


Bamiwo tends to have issues controlling her clouds. Sometimes they become so dark and it makes her sad. 

Overtime, instead of controlling the clouds, she decided to let them be. 

These days her clouds have started taking on a much brighter hue ; )

Bamiwo represents situations where one might need to “Let go”


Itunu finds peace in her clouds. She’s the definition of the calm before the storm. 

She marvels at the complexities of the clouds, the speed at which a seemingly white cloud could turn gray, dark blue and even red in an instant. 

Watching the clouds do their thing never makes her uneasy, rather, she finds peace in it : )


Abike’s arms are always wide open, they welcome those with a heavy heart, and give warmth to those with a quivering soul. 

Abike and her clouds are quite radiant and you can tell she doesn’t mind giving all the love and light she has, but I wonder, are those silent tears which roll down her face a second before she flashes a bright smile that burns it all away false? 

Did I see wrong? 

However, I pray often that she also has a shoulder to lean on ; )


Laju is drowning in a sea of dark clouds. Many hands are outstretched to help but she stays still, lost in the turmoil of her mind. 

Laju does not want her clouds to get better. To her, the dark clouds are a familiar friend. They understand each other, but one only seeks to consume the other till they both fade away. 

These days, the blue of Laju’s hair and the many hands that once reached out are seen no more 😦