Pain -ting!

At the moment, I’m on a gouache spree and I’m loving it. I made an investment of buying the complete 12 bottle set of Reeves gouache paint as a year 1 student at unilag and it’s been worth it. (Wouldn’t mind switching to winsor and Newton though *wink*) Sometimes (more times than I can count),…

Sewing Projects

The Handstitched Denim Patch Kimono Due to quarantine and Asuu strike, I decided to challenge myself a bit and undertake a new project. Pieced them together Also did a mini photo shoot session with a friend for the vogue trend! Had fun with it.

Fashion Illustrations

Illustrations for DFA Fashion competition of which I was a finalist This is where I create designs to suit my surface patterns! The Roughs (Sketches)

Prints By Dara

A selection of surface patterns I created inspired by the mundanity of life and the beauty of nature. The Structure All Around Us

About Me

Hi, I’m Dara, a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. I enjoy taking on new and exciting projects and sharing my experiences with them.

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