Pain -ting!

At the moment, I’m on a gouache spree and I’m loving it.

I made an investment of buying the complete 12 bottle set of Reeves gouache paint as a year 1 student at unilag and it’s been worth it. (Wouldn’t mind switching to winsor and Newton though *wink*)

Sometimes (more times than I can count), I use gouache as water color and it works everytime.

Here’s a good example (Koi fishes are so so beautiful!)

I also tend to use it more heavily on a few works
I spent about an hour on this, half was spent trying to turn huge mistakes into art lol.

Things I love about gouache

• Its easy to use.

• It’s pretty good for dry brush painting.

• Colors are super saturated which makes using them alone fun.

• it’s useful when trying to mimic watercolor.

• Amazing wash quality.

The only fault I find is when mixed with other colors it tends to lose its lustre and makes the colors a little dull. So I tend to mix my colors down for a day and even sometimes a week or month prior.

A white hibiscus painted using gouache

Other than that, it’s pretty awesome. Do give it a try❤️


Published by jesudarahinmikaiye

Jesudara Hinmikaiye is a freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She enjoys taking in the pleasures of everyday life and making something new and beautiful out of it.

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